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Open letter to Virat Kohli from Virat Gang

Dear Virat,

Its our 5th anniversary today and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so kind to us because Virat Gang is incomplete without Virat!
We often get questions from fans that how we are so consistent in posting stuffs with precision and trust us all we do is show them your photo. Its your years of hardwork which inspires us to work hard and keep up with the pace at which our FC (which we started from 0 followers) is growing day by day.
Frankly speaking, its a tough job being an admin of Virat Kohli’s Fan Club because you never set us free but we kinda love this job. May it be a new record you have broken or your association with new brand, posting amazing things about you instantly brings a smile on our face.

You are the best idol in this world and we mean it because the messages we get from fans for you always touches our heart and make us realize how greater person you are.
We would also like to thank you for teaching us some valuable lessons of life like winning hearts of the followers, shutting the mouths of haters with our consistency, being generous towards society, sparing a thought for poor animals, treating women with respect, being courteous towards our seniors and giving it our all for our loved ones.

We would also like to thank you for constantly supporting us. Getting a follow back from you has been a highlight of our life in Virat Gang. Also, nothing beats the joy of you interacting with us with your tweets.

Keep inspiring Champ and remember, we are always here for you!


Proud Admins Of VG-VK18FC

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