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Fan Blog – Throwback to the most glittering day : meeting Virat Kohli

Meeting someone whom you’ve been idolizing for years and years is probably the most special day a fan’s life. One such day was 9th of September 2015. Celebrating two years of meeting my idol Virat Kohli, I’d like to take you all back to my precious experience of meeting him.

So i had been involved in playing a contest for almost 10 days just to grab that one opportunity to meet him. After being announced as winner, I was on cloud nine. 9th of September, the had finally come and I was rushed to Smaaash with all my excitement. There were total 24 winners queued up to meet him, so managers asked to form groups and each group was promised 5 minutes to spend time with Virat. Every moment of wait was piling up my nervousness. Holding back all my excitement, when i finally saw him coming toward us, I was awestruck by him presence only, from shaking hands to him standing exactly beside me for group picture, I was nearly numb. It was then, I recalled all my guts and said “congratulations Kohli for the first series win as a captain against Sri Lanka” it was such a long congratulatory statement that it Virat thanked me for four times. (Sweet, no?)

So after we were done with our group picture, Smaaash managers asked us to get over stage as it was next group’s turn. I was like “Virat we’ve waited for 3 three hours, so Virat was like “selfie chaiye na?” (Wanna click selfie?). After me all were pleading. “Pehle sabke  saath group picture click hone do phir main aap sabse baat karunga”, said Virat. It was so sweet and humble of him to say that. Before stepping down, I pointed towards my gifts and told him that I have got some stuffs for him. He looked at one of my gifts which was a handmade collage of Virushka, the way he smiled and blushed looked at it, that moment is still captured visually in my mind. He told me that he would take all of my gifts once the group pictures are done.

 ” Virat, pakka promise na?” was all I could say and with utter sweetness in his voice, he said, “Pakka promise”.Virat called our group again but unfortunately managers did not let us meet him but passes all our gifts and stuffs for his autograph. After this was over, I attended the press conference and was standing in the front row, making 3-4 times an eye contact with Virat soared my happiness. When it was his time to depart, he stood for the one last pose for media. “All the best Virat for South African series”, I shouted. ” Thank you”, he replied and smiled. This was it. I never felt this much happy in my entire life.

Virat Kohli might seem an angry young man on the field but believe me, he is the most humble celebrity who makes his fans comfortable with all his sweetness and calmness.

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