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Happy Birthday King Kohli

Being a kid, I was too small to understand what cricket really is. The first time I came across to know a little bit about it was when I was 10. Teachers did teach me B for Bat/Ball during my KG, but they never taught me C for Cricket.

I was 11 when I saw Virat Kohli’s innings of 35 odd runs in the World Cup vs Sri Lanka. By then I knew yes this is the game I’m gonna follow not because I understand it completely, but because the people around me cheered lot about this game.

When he said ‘He has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, it was time we carried him on our shoulders’. Which melted my heart with tears of pure joy and it did bring a lot of hope that this boy is gonna do wonders. The same guy who has a chubby boy then is now a fitness freak. 

From a person who just dreamt of playing for India once, to becoming the Indian Skipper for all three formats. From a lad who idolised the legends to himself becoming a legend. From an eight-year old who once aimed at achieving a specific mark to a 32-year old who has now achieved almost the double of his expectations.

To the youth icon, to the motivator, to who is an inspiration to many – to the one who is confident to take on the world, carries hopes of millions of Indian fans and is responsible and yes, accountable to the countless expectations.

To the reliability who becomes the immediate demand of his team when amidst sea of troubles. To the megastar who leaves no stone unturned with spectators with his hardcore personalities. And last but not the least, to the man who was born to lead and redefine the meaning of best.

For me he is not just a player, but he is an emotion. He is not only who broke records and created new ones, but he’s set his standards soo high that I literally worship him. For me, he has been the best teacher who taught me many qualities which no educational institute could ever teach.

When Sachin Tendulkar retired from all formats of cricket we all fans thought that the fate of our team is going to change, but there was one man who proved all of us wrong.

Today, as soon as he walks out to bat, fans anticipate a century. Such are the expectations from him and rarely does he disappoint. In the last three years, the kind of form he was been in many batsman only dream of having such consistency. The run machine has more international centuries than anyone in the past 4 years.

Virat Kohli at present has 43 ODI tons and 27 tons in Tests which takes his talking to 70 tons.

Many call him selfish, some think he is not worthy of the respect and praises which he receives, but no one can deny the fact that till the time he is on the crease, billions of hopes and expectations are in safe hands.

Today, as I look back at that day, a lot has changed. He is no longer a youngster who didn’t have the experience. He is no longer the youngster that sagged in defeat. That aggression, that palpable hunger to score runs, those emotions, that straight bat, that cover drive, that passion to succeed, the constant strive for improvement have all made him stand out.

After a decade-long time lapse, we now see a leader with a full beard – the man whose more mature and contained then he was a decade ago, but with a familiar zeal and exuberance.

The nation’s pride, who took everything in his stride – the criticism, the judgement, the doubt, the praise and the fame, with utmost respect and responsibility. Here’s to the man who showed everyone that young shoulders can still be worth of carrying the nation’s hope.

On his special day – I want to bow down to this man for keeping India in safe hands and we wish him all the luck and hope he keeps piling up runs. A billion hearts beat as one when he walks down to bat. He still has a lot of bowling attacks to tame, a lot of battles to be won, a lot of records to be rewritten, and most importantly, a lot more matches to be won for India.